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Focusing the site on a single region
Focusing the site on a single region
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Stockopedia began as a UK service but has grown to offer subscription packages in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Developed Asia, Australasia and India. Each of these regions can be purchased standalone or in combination.

Cross Region subscribers can struggle from data overload. We've tackled this problem by providing a feature we call ‘Focus Mode’. This feature allows cross region subscribers to zoom in as if they have only subscribed to a single region.

How can you switch focus?

Simply click on the flag icon (next to the logo) in the site header to focus in on an Edition from those available under your subscription.

What is the impact of changing focus?

Narrowing or broadening the site focus affects the following features:

  • Stock Screens & GuruScreens: You will only see results from the selected edition;

  • Browse / Market Data: You will only see securities (stocks, ETFs etc) from the selected edition;

  • Sector / Industry Pages: Aggregate and median data will apply to the region you have focused on;

  • Today Page: The Today page will show data for stock market indexes that relate to the region you have focused on.

Drilling down even deeper with the Region Dropdown

The Region Dropdown menu is available on tables in the MARKET DATA section of Browse. You can use this menu to analyse data that relates to a specific country. For example, while you may be in European Focus Mode, or be a European subscriber, you can use the region picker to hone in on data that relates to a specific country within that region (such as Germany or Italy).


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