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At the heart of Stockopedia are tens of thousands of detailed StockReports covering every share listed on major stock markets around the world. These single page summaries have been designed from the ground up to give the modern investor the essential financial statistics needed to make rapid, effective decisions.

Our design principle from the start has been to consider the ultimate goal of our users - which is to make profitable decisions on every stock they purchase.

To enable this goal, we’ve designed our StockReports to visually indicate the exposure of every stock to the factors that have been most proven to pay off in stock markets. These metrics are bundled into sections around the themes of Quality, Value and Momentum which we also score in our StockRanks, and brought to life through colour and interactive design.

We have chosen only the most powerful, predictive and academically verified metrics that independent research has shown to have a quantifiable impact on future stock returns. We present the data in a standardised way, making adjustments for stocks with different reporting year ends, so that all stocks can be compared like for like.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the StockReports and as a result they have become one of the most popular features on Stockopedia. To encourage understanding we thought it necessary to expand the Product Guide for this feature extensively.

We hope you enjoy reading through this section. Please feel free to give us any feedback on how we can improve the reports.

Before you start…

Don’t be worried if you feel intimidated by all the financial jargon… Our goal is to make the principles of successful stock selection easy to understand through the use of colour, design and concepts like the StockRanks, Traffic Lights and Red Flags.

Aligning your portfolio with the key drivers of investment return (Quality, Value, Momentum) becomes so much easier if you can first learn to read the simple signs we’ve published on StockReports… so get started and let the rest sink in by osmosis.

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