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You can import your portfolio from an Excel/CSV file to quickly populate your portfolio.

Step by Step Instructions for Excel/CSV Import

Step 1 - Preparing the Spreadsheet with your transactions

  • Download the template CSV spreadsheet from this link - download
    (Safari users - you may need to right click and then click 'Download')

  • Please either populate the downloadable spreadsheet above with your transactions or rename your spreadsheet columns with the following column titles: TICKER, DATE, TIME, TYPE, SHARES, PRICE, CURRENCY, FX, COMMISSION, TAX

  • Of the fields above, only those fields in bold are needed as a minimum upload requirement. Optional fields can be added for extra information, else the column should be deleted from your spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Columns

  • TICKER - these will default to local EPIC tickers. Otherwise use the google style of EXCHANGE:TICKER.
    Common exchange codes: LON for London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ for Nasdaq, NYSE for New York Stock Exchange​, ETR for Deutsche Börse XETRA​, ASX for Australian Securities Exchange.​

  • DATE formatted as DD/MM/YYYY (optional, will default to today).

  • TIME formatted as HH:MM:SS (optional - delete column if not used).

  • TYPE - case insensitive, options are: buy, sell, dividend, deposit, withdrawal.

  • SHARES - quantity of shares in the transaction.

  • PRICE - the share price, dividend per share or the deposit & withdrawal amount. For shares & dividends, this is the same units as the CURRENCY field.
    For deposits & withdrawals this will always be in the portfolio currency.

  • CURRENCY - a 3 digit currency code for the transaction. e.g. GBP for British pound. GBX for pence. (Optional, defaults to the security's quote currency).

  • FX - the exchange rate from the security major currency to the portfolio currency at the time of the transaction. (Optional, Defaults is 1).

  • COMMISSION - Broker fees stated in the portfolio currency units. Please show the cost as a positive number, rather than a negative value. (optional - delete column if not used)

  • TAX - Sum of stamp duty & levies in the portfolio currency units. Please show the cost as a positive number, rather than a negative value. (optional - delete column if not used)

  • Save your spreadsheet in the file format of "Comma Separated Values (.CSV)" to your desktop.

Step 2 - Creating your Folio

  • Within Stockopedia, click on 'Folios' in the sidebar and then 'Create Folio', as shown below:

  • Name your portfolio, choose its currency and benchmark and add a description if desired. Click 'Save'.

  • In the overview page, click on the 'Select File' button as shown below:

  • Select your recently created .CSV file.

Step 3 - Validating the data

  • In the pop up that appears, check that the dropdown columns match to the required data in the spreadsheet.

  • If required you can change the column mapping by choosing the correct mapping from the dropdown.

  • When happy, click 'Next'.

  • The next page allows you to check that the securities listed have been mapped across correctly.You can edit a position by clicking on the pencil icon and searching for the security.Alternatively you can click on 'X' to remove the position.

  • Click on 'Next' when confirmed.

  • The final page allows you a final check of your transactions. Click on 'Import' to import your positions.

You will redirected to your newly imported portfolio.

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