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Understanding your Folio Overview
Understanding your Folio Overview
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The Folio Overview page is the main page for each Folio or Watchlist that you create with Stockopedia. It includes a list of your Folio holdings and a sensible default range of information that you’re likely to want to know about them. In addition, it shows a snapshot of the Folio performance, including a valuation, the cash balance and realised and unrealised gains or losses.

Intraday Valuations

At the top of the Folio Overview page you’ll find details about the Portfolio Valuation and Day’s Change. You can see how each Folio position has contributed to these valuation changes by viewing the Today £ column in the Folio Holdings table at the bottom of the page.


Folio Analysis at a glance

Just below your Current Valuation you’ll find a historic valuation of your Folio and summary information of your current performance and position.


Folio Breakdown

This graphically shows the total Folio breakdown between securities and cash.

Total Return

Shows the total gain of the portfolio (in your chosen currency), adding together unrealised gains on current holdings, realised gains from holding that have been sold and any dividend income received.

Realised Gains/Losses

This is the total of realised gains or losses in a portfolio as a result of positions that have been sold.

Unrealised Gains/Losses

The unrealised gain/loss column in the Folio is the cumulative profit or loss of open positions, resulting from comparing the current value of a stock versus its original cost. It remains ‘unrealised’ until you have closed the position. This is a cumulative value since the positions were opened. It's different from the sum of the intraday gain column - which is published in the Folio Holdings view.

Dividend Income

This is the cumulative sum of cash dividends transactions within your portfolio.

Customising Folio Holdings

Everybody likes to view their portfolio in their own way, so we’ve made it possible for you to customise your Folio Holdings view to show the columns you want.

Like all tables, Folio tables can be edited to suit you. To get started, click the 'Customise' button at the top right of the table, which will launch the Table Editor.


In the Table Editor click the Portfolios category on the left-side of the pop-up. There you will be able to add data points that are very specific to Folios, such as Cost per share, Realised gain and Total gain, among others. Don’t forget to Save your changes (or, if you get in a muddle, click Reset to Default).


How we calculate ‘Day’s Change’ and ‘Today £’

We calculate the value of all share holdings by multiplying the current number of shares held by the current price on the stock. You can choose whether to calculate this value using bid price or last price in your portfolio settings.

To calculate today's gain we use the calculation as follows:

Todays Gain = (Quote - Yesterday's Price) * Holding

The total days' change for the whole portfolio is based on the sum of each individual position's change on the day.

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