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We go to extreme lengths to ensure our fundamental and technical data is based on the most current and accurate information possible - incorporating all interim and quarterly financial statements where available.

Refinitiv, which provides our raw statements data, has a track record of more than 30 years in providing some of the timeliest high quality fundamental data in the investment industry. Before data even arrives on the Stockopedia servers, the data has been through thousands of automated checks and manual quality screening.

Once the data arrives on the Stockopedia servers and we compute our ratios, we perform strenuous internal data integrity and threshold checks. These are designed to minimise the release of invalid or incorrect data to the site.

While we do everything we can to clean and audit our data, financial data is constantly changing and thus will always have a small error rate. The reason for any data issue is generally one of the following:

  1. An incorrect data input by an analyst at Refinitiv which has been fed through to Stockopedia’s databases.

  2. A corporate event (such as a split) that wasn’t added to the Refinitiv database.

  3. An incorrect calculation due to an unusual, company specific time period or data anomaly.

  4. An error in one of Stockopedia’s calculations.

As data can very occasionally be erroneous it’s imperative to stay vigilant and do your own research (DYOR) on top of ours to help us spot issues. The great benefit of being a Stockopedia subscriber is that you are on the same team as thousands of other committed private investors. Our subscribers pore over every detail in our database and spot anomalies quickly. It’s this ongoing reporting of data issues by our subscribers that continually improves our data process and quality - so please do shout if you see an issue.

Reporting a data issue

If you find any errors or are simply unsure about a particular bit of data, just raise a Support ticket via the Green Support Messenger and we’ll be happy to audit it. We believe that we are more committed to data quality and more responsive than anyone else around. Most issues we can have resolved within 24-48 hours.

How to I audit the Stockopedia data integrity?

For most of the ratios on StockReports we provide definitional popups for each ratio to make it clear how we're calculating them. We try to be as precise as possible, mirroring the approach taken in any research papers where appropriate.

Our Standardised annual & interim financial statements are published under the accounts tab which you can use to validate the ratio numbers. If the statements data appears erroneous, we also provide website links and links to the annual reports from the StockReports to facilitate you checking the figures.

When sending a support ticket it really helps us if you can link to any supporting documents.

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