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Searching for stocks & content
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At the top of the Stockopedia site you’ll find a search box which can be used in a variety of ways to find what you are looking for.

Search Autocomplete

When you type a phrase into the search box in the menu bar, you’ll see a list of relevant search terms in a dropdown menu. The search phrase you entered (in this case “Vod”) is highlighted in bold for each entry in the list, allowing for quick scanning.

Each item in the list is formatted with several key pieces of information:

  • The instrument name (on the left)

  • The exchange flag and code (below it)

  • The ticker symbol (on the right)

  • The security type (below it)

The flag represents the national country flag of the stock exchange where the security trades, or the exchange itself.

Here you can see the FTSE 100 as an index instrument (index).

You can use your up and down keys on your keyboard to select an entry from the list and click enter, or just click the row with your mouse. You’ll be directed immediately to the relevant StockReport or page.

By default we order the results based on the search term used. If there is any confusion (for example if any search items have the same ticker symbol) we’ll list the instrument that’s in your home nation first. You can set your home nation in your site settings.

Refining Search Results

During a search, it’s possible to refine your results using the links at the top of the search box:

  • Shares

  • Indices

  • ETFs

  • Trusts

  • Preference Shares

  • Bonds

For instance, you can search for a share name (eg. Evraz) but then click Indices to get a list of the indices that the stock you entered is listed in.

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