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Changing an email, username or password
Changing an email, username or password
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Similar to a password reset, you can update your personal details, including your email address, password or username, at any time from the Personal Settings page.

Simply click your profile icon on the far right hand side of the main Stockopedia bar at the top of the page and select “Personal settings”.

Changing your personal settings

On the main Account page, you can change your Name, Email and Username details. Just click in to any of the boxes and make the changes you want. Remember to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the form for you new details to take effect.

Resetting your password as a logged out user

If you are logged out, and need to reset your password, you can do that by clicking 'Login' from the homepage and then clicking 'Reset your password':

You'll then see a new pop-up modal. Enter your email address and click "Reset My Password". You'll receive an email with a link that you can click to begin changing your password securely.

Resetting your password as a logged in user

Resetting your password as a logged in user

  1. Click on the 'Personal Settings' tab of your profile (this can be accessed by clicking from the "You" part of the main Header drop-down at the top of the page);

  2. Use the sidebar accordion to navigate from Account settings down to Password (as per the first image below.

  3. Then enter both your current password and your new password (ie. 'New Password' and 'Confirm Password'), as per the second image below.

Are you activated?

If a password reset doesn't work, you might not be activated. Check for an activation email from us when you registered and click the link. If all else fails, you can raise a support ticket via the Support Messenger asking for a password reset or manual activation. If possible, please specify your username so we can find you more easily.

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