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In order to have a post accepted on Stockopedia's Platform it needs to meet our basic etiquette & moderation guidelines, but also must be relevant to our community. Articles that are off topic or not focused on the areas our community appreciate may also be moderated. Often the community will be quick to down vote or report content that does not meet the following criteria:

  • Market-Focused - We have a strong focus on analysing single stocks, stock strategies, portfolio management and behavioural finance. We also accept general economic themes that may influence the stock market. General interest or politically motivated articles will not be published.

  • Primary Material - Quotations are ok where they support points that are being made, but the bulk of the article needs to be original.

  • Logic and Reason - We prioritise opinionated material backed by empirical evidence presented with logically reasoned arguments. Rants and Raves will not be accepted!

  • Balanced and Objective - An article can take a position on a given issue but it must be balanced. No pumping or dumping! While it's helpful to have anecdotal commentary in an article as that brings it to life, an article cannot only be based on your personal experience.

  • Grammar and Presentation - Articles must be written in prose and not require significant editing. Bullet points are fine as part of an article, but are not suitable alone.

  • Graphics - All graphics must be of a maximum width of 650px or else they will be resized. Please use image hosting websites such as and insert a link to the image using the image button on the Editor. We do not generally provide hosting for article images, although we can do so if you hold the copyright.

  • Length - All articles must be longer than 300 words but less than 2500 words in length. This does not preclude writing articles in series.

  • Full Disclosure of Interest - Every article must include a full declaration in its footer whether the author has or has not any personal or affiliated interest in the stocks mentioned. Articles sponsored by the companies in question must also contain full disclosure in accordance with our T&Cs.

  • Not Self-Promotional - Any advertising of your interests should be kept in the Profile to distinguish content from advertising, although we will allow a one line comment at the end of the piece.

In addition, you must have uploaded a photo or avatar in your profile, and informed Stockopedia of your real name and contact number on the article submission form. While we appreciate that not everyone will want to reveal their true identities online, it is a requirement that all published Authors at least inform the Stockopedia team of their real names and contact details. These details will then be kept confidential by our Admin team.

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