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Research back in time with historical StockReports
Research back in time with historical StockReports
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When you are researching a stock it's extremely helpful to be able to look at the historical statistics.   While the default, published web StockReports provide all the very latest information known about a company,  it’s also possible to leap back in time and view historical PDF StockReports using our print options. 

To view a historical StockReport, simply:

  1.  Click the 'PRINT' button towards the top of the StockReport just under the StockRanks.  

  2. You'll see a dropdown menu offering historical StockReports on a weekly basis going back in time multiple years.

  3. Click the date you wish to view.   The historical StockReport opens as a PDF in a new tab in your browser.   

  4. You can view, save or print as you wish. 

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