Adding Events & Flags to your Chart
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The Chart Events menu allows you to add flags to your charts to indicate the timing of major company events as well as your own portfolio buys and sells. Adding events to charts allows you to zero in on what may have impacted the price of the share at any time.

Clicking the blue Events menu button will display a dropdown menu of checkbox event options. The two main categories included are Folio Events and Company Events. Each individual event has a checkbox that can be ticked (or unticked) to display (or remove) coloured event flags on the graph below.

  • Events are either plotted on the price line, or below just above the date axis.

  • If multiple events occur on the same day they will be stacked vertically.

  • All event flags can be hovered over to display more information.

The Folio check boxes give you the option to plot portfolio Buy and Sell transactions on the chart. These will be plotted on the date of the transaction at the purchase (or sale) price as green (or red) flags on the price line.

The Company Events tick boxes allow you to plot several items with differently coloured flags:

  • Annual Results - the date of the company’s annual results.

  • Interim Results - which may be quarterly or semi-annual depending on the company’s reporting period.

  • Splits - which show stock splits, bonus issues and consolidations.

  • Dividends which include ex-Dividend dates and Dividend Pay dates.

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