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Do you adjust historical figures for rights issues & stock splits?
Do you adjust historical figures for rights issues & stock splits?
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Yes, all historical figures are adjusted to deal with a share capital adjustment involving splits, consolidations, bonus/scrip issues or rights issues - i.e. capital changes involving no consideration.

Let's take the example of RPC Group (LSE: RPC) which in 2011 had a 5 for 8 rights issue. In their 2012 annual report they give ten year figures. Below the figures they state: "Comparative figures for earnings per share and dividends per share have been restated after adjusting for the bonus element of the 5 for 8 rights issue in 2011".

Worked Example
In the case of RPC Group, the calculation that we/Standardised Financial Statements have done (as of January 2012) is as follows:

Right issue: {(Old shares*Cum price) + (New shares*offer price)}/(Old shares+new shares)*Cum price

In this Example: Cum price is: 301.5 GBp Old shares: 8 New shares: 5 Offer price: 143 Adj factor: (8*301.5+5*143)/(8+5)*301.5=0.797806 The stated split factor is calculated as 1/ Adjustment factor =1/0.797806 =1.253437

As a result, all historical per share data items, like earning per share and dividend per share, are then adjusted using this adjustment factor of 1.253437.

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