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Our European Editions offer complete StockReports, Stock Screening and StockRanks for all large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks across Europe and the UK.

Our most comprehensive coverage is in our home UK market where we cover all listed shares, trusts, funds, bonds, ETFs and prefs on the London Stock Exchange Main Market (LSE), Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) with a market capitalisation above $10 million.

We also provide coverage on equities across the European exchanges listed below from Amsterdam to Zagreb. This level of systematic equity analysis has only previously been available to institutional investors.

We cover over 7500 stocks listed across the following countries/markets:

  • Austria (Vienna Stock Exchange)

  • Belgium (Euronext - Brussels)

  • Bosnia-Herzegovnia (Sarajevo Stock Exchange)

  • Bulgaria (Bulgarian Stock Exchange)

  • Croatia (Zagreb Stock Exchange)

  • Cyprus (Cyprus Stock Exchange)

  • Czech Republic (Prague Stock Exchange)

  • Denmark (OMX NordicExchange - Copenhagen)

  • Estonia (OMX BalticExchange - Tallinn)

  • Finland (OMX NordicExchange - Helsinki)

  • France (Euronext - Paris)

  • Germany (Eurex & regional exchanges - Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Munich)

  • Greece (Athens Stock Exchange)

  • Hungary (Budapest Stock Exchange)

  • Iceland (Iceland Stock Exchange)

  • Ireland (Irish Stock Exchange)

  • Italy (Borsa Italiana)

  • Latvia (OMX Baltic Exchange - Riga)

  • Lithuania (OMX Baltic Exchange - Vilnius),

  • Malta (Malta Stock Exchange)

  • Netherlands (Euronext - Amsterdam)

  • Norway (Oslo Stock Exchange)

  • Poland (Warsaw Stock Exchange)

  • Portugal (Lisbon Stock Exchange)

  • Romania (Bucharest Stock Exchange)

  • Serbia (Belgrade Stock Exchange)

  • Slovakia (Bratislava StockExchange)

  • Slovenia (Ljubljana StockExchange)

  • Spain (Madrid Stock Exchange, Barcelona Stock Exchange)

  • Switzerland (Berne eXchange, SIX SwissExchange)

  • Sweden (OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm, Nordic Growth Market - Stockholm)

  • Turkey (Istanbul Stock Exchange)

  • United Kingdom (London Stock Exchange and the ISDX Exchange).

Do you cover dual listings?

We cover Dual Listings and Depository Receipts in the United Kingdom. At present, we only cover stocks that are Primary listed in other European markets - we do not cover dual lists, or other types of instruments (e.g. bonds or preference shares). We have plans to add these additional securities over time.

Do you offer real-time prices?

Please also note that at this time we only provide end of day quotes for European (ex-UK) markets.

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