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Primary listed common shares/stocks are our priority at Stockopedia. We aim to have complete coverage of primary listed shares in every exchange we cover. We do though include dual listed shares and depository receipts in certain regions such as the UK and USA. Please refer to the next article on dual listed shares and the regional coverage pages for further details.

In order to provide a more complete Folio Analysis solution we have increasingly added other instruments to our coverage, though the data and analysis is sparser. These include:

  • ETFs

  • Investment trusts / closed end funds

  • Preference shares

  • Convertibles

  • Bonds

Our instrument coverage varies depending on the market and region. You can find out more about our international coverage in the regions section of the Technical Guide. We do not currently cover open ended unit trusts or funds though we are hoping to add in coverage in the future.

We also provide quotes for many major indices and constituent data for major benchmarks.

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