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Copying stocks and transactions between Folios
Copying stocks and transactions between Folios
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You can copy stocks and transactions from one Folio to another. You can copy multiple stocks, a single stock, or a single stock along with its transaction.

Copying multiple stocks

To copy stocks between Folios, you will need to be on the Folio page that you want to copy from. Once you are there, select the relevant stocks and then click on the "copy" button at the top of your Folio table. This will bring up a list of your other Folios - pick the one you want to copy your stocks to and then hit "copy".


Copying a stock with transactions

If you select a single stock and tag "Include Transactions", you can then also transfer this stock's transaction history. Copying transactions will only be available if both portfolio currencies are the same, however. This is to ensure the FX rates are consistent across portfolios.

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