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Portfolio Performance - Need to Add Cash
Portfolio Performance - Need to Add Cash

Help when seeing the message on the performance tab that requests deposits should be added to balance the portfolio.

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If the portfolio performance is indicating that you need to add cash, then this must mean that there is a point in time in your portfolio history where your portfolio is in a cash deficit.

The best way to check this is to go to your Transactions tab for your portfolio. From here you are looking for a period in the history where the Cumulative Balance column is negative, which would imply that there is a cash imbalance in the history.

This is why the tab is referencing adding a cash deposit to cater for this imbalance. If you resolve this such that the cash is positive through the history then you will not see this popup going forward.

If you believe the cash deposits in your folio are currently correct, then the imbalance could be caused by a deposit or sell transaction that is listed as occurring after a buy, when it was actually before. You can change the order by changing the time of the transactions on the day. Simply click on edit transaction and change the time of the deposit or sell transaction to be earlier than the subsequent buy.

On a related note, the portfolio transactions are ordered firstly by date, then time. If both the transaction date and time are the same, it will use which transaction was created first. Therefore to ensure that imbalances do not occur in the future, either set sells or deposits at an earlier time, or just add these transactions first (prior to the buy).

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